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Jan 15, 2013 at 08:41 PM

Problem using a subreport with columns - CR v14


CR v14..2.364

I'm trying to create a Crystal report with a specifc type of layout and having a little trouble. I'm conected to an Access db using three tables:

table 1 table 2 table 3

ClientID ClientID ClientID

Address1 Address1 Address1

Section Section

I'm linking table 1 to table 2, then linking table 2 to table 3, using Left Outer Joins in both cases. The output I'm trying to achieve is as follows:

table 1 - Header Info (one record per report)

table 2 - Detail Info (multiple records per report)

table 3 - Detail Info (in columns) (multiple records per report)

I am grouping on a field in table 1. The problem I'm running into is getting the table 3 data to print in columns side-by-side in a detail section. I've created a subreport and defined it with columns. The data is reading in, but when there are multiple records in table 3, I'm getting that section with the subreport to show on the page mulitple times (once for each record). This is what I would expect, but I can't figure out how to get what I want. Since the subreport is in columns, I want one instance of the subreport to print for every two records coming from table 3. I wondering if my links should be changed, although I've tried various options with no luck. Or, is there a way that I can suppress the even numbered instances of the subreport coming in somehow?

I hope this makes sense. Any advice is much appreciated.