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Former Member
Aug 04, 2005 at 03:55 PM

Screen maintenance logic


Hello folks,

I have a question over the screen maintenance logic applicable to 'Additional Data B' tab at the item level of an order:

Some custom screen fields are added to additional data B tab.

Now I got a requirement to work around with those screen fields. For example there are 3 fields added to the screen.

I need to code a logic for the following req.

If I enter value '2' in field1 the field2 and field3 should be enabled else should be disabled. (this part I can take care of).

The problem I am facing is in locating where to put this logic. Since this is a standard mod. pool program from SAP...I just wanted to know

1. How to add or modify screen fields to the standard screens and where to trace out the place where to put the logic for these custom fields.

In my case the mod. pool prog is SAPMV45A and screen is 4003.

Thanks in advance. I will really appreciate your responses.