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Jan 15, 2013 at 03:33 PM

SAP BO BI4 SSO to HANA DB for a report


Hi all,

I have been playing with trying to setup SSO from BI4 sp05 to HANA sps05 (rev47) using a JDBC HANA connection defined in the Info design tool for BI4 to 'use single sign on when refreshing reports at view time'. However when I try to refresh a report in the BI launch pad using this connection, it fails with an invalid username and password ( [10]: invalid username or password: " . (IES 10901)). I also get the same error in the IDT when I do a test connection with this single sign on connection.

I have followed/referenced the following:

BI4 sp05 admin guide

HANA sps05 admin and security guides

KBAs and OSSnotes (including 1476374, 1359035, 1387370, and those mentioned specifically in this list of docs)

Configuring single sign on for SAP HANA (Frederic Moitel)

Configuring Active directory manual authentication and SSO for BI4 (Steve Fredell)

BusinesObjects 4.0 single sign on SSO with Win AD (Bashir Awan)

Single sign on with SAP HANA powerpoint from SAP, not sure of author.

After referencing these documents I am able to use Win AD and SSO to login to the BI launchpad, HANA Studio, IDT, WebI Rich Client from my client machine and to the HANA db from the BI4 server at the command line using the hdbsql -i -n command with no ID/password and the ODBC connection to HANA with no ID/password.

The one piece that fails is the refresh of the report when I am logged in to the BI launch pad on my client machine.

Some background on my system:

BI4 platform (SP05) is installed on Windows 64 bit server

Tomcat6 is installed on a separate Windows 64 bit server

HANA (sps05 rev47) is on a Linux server

Does anyone have any ideas of what to check to see if I just missed a parameter somewhere, have a mismatched parameter, or may have just totally missed something?

Thanks for any direction you can offer.