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Jan 15, 2013 at 01:50 PM

.Net assembly and inheritance



I am trying to create a .net assembly (in PB 12.51 .net) that has objects that inherit from

another .net assembly (in this case a .net version of the PFC) but I can not

successfully build the assembly due to an error I do not understand.

Here's the situation...

I have created an assembly of the PFC (PFCAssembly) and added it the

references area on of my main assembly (TestAssembly).

Now, I can easily create a object (TestDs) in TestAssembly that inherits from n_ds. The intellisense works fine (all properties

and functions show up) and the TestDs object will save with out error. But, if I try to use this TestDs object somewhere in TestAssemby, I get the following error when I build:

"The type or namespace name 'n_ds' does not exist in the namespace 'POS' (are you missing an assembly reference?"

POS is the default namespace I have defined for TestAssembly.

Here is the part I do not understand...

I can use n_ds directly in TestAssembly without error i.e.:

n_ds ids_Datastore

ids_Datastore = Create n_ds

But as soon as I try to use an object inherited from somewhere in

PFCAssembly I get the error listed above.

TestDs ids_Datastore

ids_Datastore = Create TestDs

Anyone know what I am missing? Is it not possible in to have an

assembly that has objects inherited from another assembly?


Kevin Lindsay