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Jan 15, 2013 at 11:43 AM

Jdbc to Server Proxy


Hi All,

I have to systems sendign data to ECC the scenario is JDBC to proxy.

system1 with DB1 sending data to ECC and system2 with DB2 sending data to ECC.

I am wonderign hat is the best way to configgure?

I am using common outbound service interface for both as the structure is same, and have used a common inbound interface as well...

however I am now confused if I shoudl create two receiver agreemtns or just use the same receiver comm channel for both?

If we have just one inbound interface then the abap proxy will have to be written jst one object less but . however if I have two inbound interfaces then proxy will have to be copied but I feel the performance may be better...

can u throw soem light on this?