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Jan 15, 2013 at 10:25 AM

IT0015 (Additional Payments) - Number Field


We have a requirement that a Wage Type to be entered on IT0015 with Amount and Number (of days). We plan to use the number value just as a memo item (i.e. required to appear on the Payslip) but not to be used for any calculations.

However, when I enter the number, it is multiplying the number by the amount - e.g. if I enter:

Number = 2

Amount = £10.00

I get on the payslip:

Number = 2

Amount = £20

However what I would like to see is

Number = 2

Amount = £10.00

WT characteristics

Input combination

Amount +

Number/unit +


Time unit/meas. Hours

Indirect valuation

Indirect eval.module TARIF

Module variant A

Red.method 1

Rounding type B

Rounding div. 1