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Jan 15, 2013 at 04:50 AM

Re : Error in look up code


Hello Gurus,

I have an issue with the code, I wanted to do a look up for the code my requirement is that in order to fill the field called end user I need to do a look up on condition below

if <COPA table>- customer is initial

then fill up the value end user from the field ZZ_LISD from ZGLT( custom table )

if not then fill the value of end user from the field ZZ_KUNE from ZGLT

end user = ZEND

for this requirement I have written the look up code as

IF <COPA>- ZCUST = 'initial' ( throwing error in this line )

select ZZ_LISD

into <COPA>-ZEND

from ZGLT


select ZZ_KUNE

into <CO-PA>-ZEND

from ZGLT

this was the code I tried to write for the look up but it was throwing syntax errors. I have declared the fields above the code. I request you know if I am making any mistakes in the code. Thanks in advance.