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Former Member
Jan 15, 2013 at 12:48 AM

BRF+ Scope withing loop


I have a rule that executes a loop expression. The loop parses a table and for each row passes the row structure to a second rule. (The table has been declared to be in scope for the ruleset.)

Within the second rule I see the scope of available objects is restricted to the contents of the row sturcture, which is exactly what I would expect.

Now in the second rule I have written a formual expression. Inside the formula I see I have available table functions that allow me to know how many orws in the table. Can I trust these functions? It seems odd that the formula expression seems to have access to a broader range of data objects than its container rule. I am nervous that the Table_Row_Count() might only ever return a 1 because it can obly see the passed row.

Thanks in advance