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Jan 14, 2013 at 09:05 PM

Blank page on open PRDIOOV/ObjectOV at the second time


Hi, experts

I've paid attention, that in some cases we get a blank BSP-page after clicking on link in navigation bar.

The problem is with page, based on PRDIOOV/ObjectOV and PRD_PSIC_LOC_H components.

For example, if I click on «Create new item», first time I get a correct, complete BSP-page with form of new product item details, but if I click the second time on this link without being completed the first-one creation scenario, I get an empty BSP-page without any warning message.

After some debug research, I've realize, that we even don't arrive to execution of DO_CONFIG_DETERMINATION, DO_INIT_CONTEXT and DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT of PRD_PSIC_LOC_H (this component is used on main tab of new item form). Thus, I think, the problem is somewhere in PRDIOOV/ObjectOV. But where?

So, what can be the reason for that issue?

Where should I begin to investigate this case?