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Jan 14, 2013 at 05:38 PM

Kernel upgrade failing



I'm going through the process of upgrading the Kernel. We are running 720_REL, 64 bit, Unicode on Solaris 10 – current patch level 201. Our system is ERP6 EHP5.

The stack I've downloaded includes Kernel patch level 400. I've tried installing this (and also patch level 300) but get the same problem with both of these. When I revert to 201 the system still works OK.

I have successfully upgraded the Host Agent using the one included in the stack.

I now have 3 directories under /sapmnt/<SID>:

  • exe (patch level 201)
  • exe_300
  • exe_400

When I close the system & rename the directories (exe --> exe_201 & exe_400 --> exe) I restart the host agent (to force a restart of saposcol), then restart SAP.

The database opens OK & the application appears to begin correctly. When I try to connect to the application using SAPGui the<SID>_DVEBMGS00 processes die.

I then get this error from SAPGui:

application server shutdown

Component DPTM Return Code -17

Release 720

Version 10

Return Code -17

counter 1

I have double checked permissions in the 3 subdirectories & all permissions are the same (the newer kernels have a few extra files).

I have found some references to similar problems as this using Google but people seem to be indicating that I'm getting a network error. Our network must be OK because the 201 version kernel works fine.

Can anyone advise why this might be failing?

Thanks, Chris