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Jan 14, 2013 at 04:07 PM

FI-SL Allocations for GM Ledger 90



I am working on Grants Management implementation and wanted to know if anyone has worked on FI-SL Actual distribution for GM ledger 90. My objective is to allocate cost from cost element, common cost center, Dummy grant and a dummy fund to cost element , IO,Real grant , real funds, sponsored classes and sponsored programs. I have done the necessary configuration to bring Fields like Fund, Grant,Sponsored classes and Sponsored program in GA31 layout but for field account number it says GMIT-RACCT is not in ABAP dictionary...It is also not considering field fund for posting and displays warning message that field Fund does not exist in FM Area. Despite of these warning and information messages it accepts grant, sponsored class, sponsored program and Order as receiver and post document but in Grant reporting this actual distribution does not consume budget . I am wondering wheter i am on right track to allocate cost using FI-SL? Please guide me.