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Former Member
Jan 14, 2013 at 02:42 PM

PPM5 Portfolio Item-Decision Point Custom Field only in one DP


Hi experts,

We have created a custom field (dropdown field with icon) to Item Decision Point (EPO), and we want that field to appear only in one single decision point of the one item type in one portfolio. The problem is that the custom field now appears in all of the decision points in that portfolio.

How to fix it?

We are running PPM 5.0, support package 07.

Field setup and icon setup has been done in backend and I have defined in the Portfolio-Dependent Settings --> Define Portfolio Types, that Portfolio Field Overwrite has the line saying EPO <custom field> is Enabled, Visible, but not Read Only and not Required.

I have also tried to ad line for Portfolio Item-Decision Point Override has a line specifying the correct object type, portfolio, item type, specific decision point and field name, and marked it as required. But no effect.

I also tried adding the same info to Portfolio Items Override, but it did not help either.

How and where to specify that custom field appears only in one DP?
or how to specify that it is hidden from other decision points in the portfolio?
Can I also make it mandatory field in that one single decision point?