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Jan 14, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Cross purchase organization in multiback-end SRM system


Hi Gurus,

I would like to make a few questions relating to my scenario.

The application map is as follows:

-To-Be SAP ECC system called "AAA" (in this system we will implement the to-be model only for 3 companies, this model will be used as template for the other roll-out)

- As-Is SAP ECC system called "BBB" (transitional system that will be migrate in “AAA” in a subsequent phase of the project - there shall be no changes to the customizing of this system)

- To-Be SAP SRM system (this system should be linked to both SAP ECC “AAA” & “BBB” – multi backend system)

In this scenario, is possible to customize a single cross purchasing organization code able to work simultaneously on different companies present in different SAP back-end?

Example: PR 10000345 from SAP “AAA” for the company 1 and 10000888 from SAP “BBB” for the company 2 both converted in different Purchase Order but with the same purchasing organization code in SAP SRM.

Also, in terms of customizing, the "Product Category", the " Purchase Group", the "Purchase Organizations" and all data in the PO must be replicated in SRM system customization? The customizing of the SRM system must be the sum of the “AAA” and “BBB” system?

Thanks in advance,