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Former Member
Jan 14, 2013 at 03:00 AM

APD issue


Dear Experts

I have a query with 2 hidden key figure fields and 1 unhidden key figure that is adding these 2 using a formula key figure.

I created a APD using this query for a routine. The issue is the APD ran but the Key figure result is all 0.

The routine source fields have been selected from the query except the 2 hidden fields which are quantitites and the APD shows units for these also.
But i did not select the units for the formula key figure.

This key figure is shown as field KYF_003 . I filled up the target field structure for the routine.

I am not sure what TYPE (infoobject) to use for this keyfigure kyf_003.

Also, in the query designer, should the Technical name in the General tab of this keyfigure be filled with a technical id?

The routine generated Type declarations shows the Source field KYF_003 is defined as type FLOAT.

How does the system know it is type float when the components for this formula key figure is of type quantity?

This formula is (Nodim(orecvalstck) + Abs(nodim(kf2)).

Thanks for reading.