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Jan 13, 2013 at 01:00 PM

formula from column that have "calculate result row as summation" enabled


Dear Gurus,

In BEx, we have option to calculate result as nothing defined or summation.

In our case, result from nothing defined is different from summation and this is a common.

so, we have set to always have calculate result as summation.

for example:

1. sales quantity have result 100 (calculate result as nothing defined)

2. sales quantity have result 200 (calculate result as summation)

=> we refer to 200 as this is the correct one.

the problem comes when another column is using that column in the calculation.

for example: sales value = sales quantity * price.

the result row of sales value is using 100, not 200.

although as i mentioned, we have set summation as the calculation in query.

also, whatever the calculation we set in sales quantity.

the result row of sales value always refer to nothing-defined-value which is 100.

so, is it possible to calculate using this summation-value in Bex query?

or if not, can we just use modify-table-class / java script?

we are looking for workaround solutions.

please help to give input 😊