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Jan 11, 2013 at 09:58 PM

Solution Manger 7.1 Configuration Windows Cluster HA Agents Managed Systems


I am configuring downstream managed systems in solman 7.1. I have done this several times already successfully on stand alone, non-clustered, non HA systems. I am now working on our PRD system which is a Windows HA clustered system - two nodes, and three additional application servers. I am on step 2 in Managed System Configuration, and getting an error: "PR1~Abap is not correct, no name found in instance "PR1~ABAP~[our virtual host name]_PR1_01"

I am certain that this set up must be different for a clustered environment, but I am unable to find any documentation on the setup of a managed system that is clustered - none.

More detail: We have two hosts in the cluster, let's call them C & D -- these are actually two physical servers, then we have the virtual SAP cluster name, let's call that CLR3, and then we have the virtual DB name, let's call that CLDB (CL for cluster in both cases). I have noticed that in the technical system editor, under technical instances, if you select details on our virtual cluster name (server CLR3), you get a window titled, 'details for a cim instance,' and it says that our clr3 virtual server is type SAP BCApplicationServer, and this might not be right I am thinking as even though there is an application server here, the message server also lives here. Not sure.

Any clue would be really appreciated.