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Jan 11, 2013 at 11:36 AM

MIME Folder Properties - Accessing .JS file of MIME folder from external pages with URL


I have .js file in SAP MIME repository which can play source(src) role for one of my HTML page. If I upload this in FolderA of my MIME repository then I am able to access this from external system(page) with URL like below:


But if I save it under another folder (ex: FolderB) then it's not working i.e. source code is not loading.


As you can see in above URLs, both folders are sub-folders of same folder!! I looked at properties of these folders and I see no differences. In fact, I have this issue for all other folders of my MIME repository, I don't know why it's working only for FolderA. FYI - FolderA created by some other team members and I don't know what they have did differently.

Any inputs from you..?

Naveen Inuganti