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Jan 11, 2013 at 11:46 AM

inspection characteristic status being set to 2 instead of 5 after result entry



In calibration process, when entering Results Recording for the Inspection Lot throuhg QE51N, for each equipment, we have 6 quantitative characteristics (No Formula) and 4 6 quantitative calculated ones.

When entering the results, after pressing enter, the quantitative ones do not have their status automatically set to 5 (processing is completed).

Their status is set to 2 (processed). Then, I have to close them manually by pressing the lock button.

What I want to do is to have their status being set to 5 as soon as I enter the result and press enter. For calculated characteristics, evaluate formula and press Enter

When you assign the sampling procedure ,the rule & mode flows during result recording.

Quantitative characteristics have the followings checks active: Lower specific limit, Upper specific limit, Sampling procedure,SPC characteristic, Measured Values Must Be Recorded

Sampling procedure is Fixed sample and valuation mode is Mean value within tolerance range

Customization is set as follows

QCC0-->Qualitative Planning --> Basic data> Define valuation mode

Nothing has been changed.

QCC0-->Quality Inspection --> inspection lot completion --> pant automatic UD select plant---->result recording tab -->- Recording configuration -

>automactic close.

Kindly help