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Aug 04, 2005 at 09:38 AM

TREX: IndexmanagementService error HTTP server error 407



the TREX-Index of our installation seems to be dead.

In the TREX-Monitor - Server Status all lights are green (both HTTP- and name-server) but in index monitor our indices are marked with the status red.

The application log says: "Error 04.08.05 09:47:51 IndexmanagementService Communication error. HTTP server error: 407 (Errorcode 7266)",

the http-error 407 means: "Proxy authentication required"

The message seems to be wrong, as we never configured the portal to use a proxy - has anyone out there an idea?

More symptoms:

In TREX-Monitor - Display Index Details the Drop-Down-List of "Index-ID" is empty

In TREX-Monitor - Change Queue Status I got the error:



The portal search says:

Search Failure

Error during search occurred - com.sapportals.wcm.WcmException: HTTP server error: 407 (Errorcode 7266)

An unexpected severe error occurred during the search call. If the situation persists, inform your system administrator.