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Jan 05, 2017 at 04:51 PM

Consolidating PO PTP data



We are trying to make a consolidation design for PO ITM, SCHed_line, Conf_line data and EKBE (history data).

Any pointers on the design. (2lis_02_itm, 2lis_02_scl, 2lis_02_scn and a Zdatasource for EKBE .

1. itm-sch-conf

the consolidation ADSO1, first we load itm data, then sch data and conf data. what happens is we get itm with sch-conf fields blank. when we load sched_line data looking up itm data, conf data is blank. finally when we load scn data, itm-sch-conf data comes in all fields in a row (looking up itm and sched data for every processkey-sched-conf line item.

But this causes the ITM and schdule quantities to several times the actual value.

2. consolidation ADSO1 and EKBE data....

I request inputs on design for consolidation and sequence of loads (itm,sched,conf,history)