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Jan 10, 2013 at 12:21 PM

Simple formula not working in BO4.0 SP5 but works with SP2!?


Hi all,

we are running two BO systems - development and productive. Both systems were BO4.0 SP2 and everything was ok. We imported SP5 to our development system and the "fun" started. Reports which work on producitve with SP2, arent working on development with SP5. We made few modifications and 90% of the reports are working execpt one (but i still hate to modificate almost every report after we apply a new SP). This report is based on BEx query and contains simple formula which goes like this: =[Revenue] where ([Calendar day]=[Last day])

Revenue and calendar day are standard measures and dimensions. "Last day" is a variable =ToDate("31.12.2010";"dd.MM.yyyy")

It gives me #unavailable. On productive system is everything ok.

What is wrong with this formula? Any changes in SP5 ??

Any ideas?

Thank you,

regards Martin Zluky