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Jan 10, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Condition Technique in APO


Hi All

For Stock Transport Orders I am setting up Shipment Scheduling in APO - using the Condition Technique.

This I have done by following the online help

I am running into some issues:

1. In the General Settings, when running "Perform Consistency Check" I get the following message:

"RFC destination D01CLNT220 is missing in table /sapapo/cifrfcds"

2. When running a BOP, the MAD on the supplying plant is not correct as it´s only taking the PICK duration into account. The transportation time is not being considered!!!!

What am I missing here....


- I have full integration with the ECC stystem D01CLNT220 - inclouding plants, materials, orders, atp-check ect.

- In ECC tx cifpucust02 I have activated "No Rescheduling"

- In Customizing I have created the following condition tables: 901 (/sapapo/cnd/kotu901) + 902 (/sapapo/cnd/kotu902) + 903 (/sapapo/cnd/kotu903)

- In /SAPCND/AU12 I have mantained the duration for PICK and UNLD but not for TRAN as I have entered "100" for this condition in Customizing (in order for the system to use Transportation Lane which I have also maintained)

- In "Define Assignment of Default Means of Transport to Shipping Conditions" I have mapped the Shipping conditions to the default Means of Transport

- In "Perform Field Mapping for Scheduling" I have mapped the TTYPE to VSBED (I also tried to map TTYPE with ROUTE).

- When creating a STO in the ECC system the dates are transfered correctly to the APO system and everything looks fine (dates and Activities ect. ect.) so Online ATP from ECC seems to be working.

BUT my tests also shows that it is as if the transport durations is comming from ECC and not from TRAN or Transportation Lane, as changes to TRAN or transportation lane has no impact on the transport duration....

Any suggestions ?

Rgds Claus