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Aug 04, 2005 at 06:45 AM

Error while loading - ALPHA-converted


Hi all,

I'm trying to load data from 2lis_05_item.

To cube ZQM_C09. 2lis_18 and 2lis_17 are also upload data to that Cube.

Recently we've added several new infoobjects in the 2lis_05_item CMOD R/3 side.

We replicated the data source and create the Transfer Rules & Update Rules and all around (Cube & Comm. Struct.)

The error reffers to a characteristic that is not in the 2lis_05_item Transfer Rules nor Update Rules and we don't know why.

While loading Full upload i get the following error in the monitor details tab:

"Processing (data packet): Errors occured.

Data Package 1 (1072 Records): Errors occured.

Update (0 new / 0 chnaged): Errors occured.

Data record for Package 1 select in PSA 2 error(s):

Record 1: characteristic value '00000000' of caracteristic ZXXXXX is not ALPHA-converted.

Record 537:.... "

This is not the issue of the check box in the left column of the Transfer Rules, Cause the ZXXXXX is not in the Tranfer Rules.

Any Idea?

p.s how do i reward your answers?