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Find inherited data/substances by substance

Dear community,

I am developing a software dealing with substances and their dependent data/substances. The report C100_QUERY_USAGE_GET helps a great deal with references and components, but I could not find a way to search for inherited relations between substances.

In other words: If in cg02 the icon "data record was passed on to other records" appears (screenshot) or passes values on (screenshot), I want to know which substances are using it.

Is there any report that could do that for me?

Every direction and hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, cheers


pass.PNG (7.5 kB)
inheritance.PNG (4.3 kB)
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    Posted on Jan 10, 2013 at 08:51 AM

    Hi Julian,

    you can do that directly in CG02 (depending on your version). If you search for a specification(s), use the option "Substance is included in relationship". You can then either enter the inheritance template used or the specification that is included in the relationship.


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    • Update: The simplest way to get all relations - also within an OO context - is to use function C1R2_REL_READ. It is hidden within the before mentioned function module.

      DATA lt_rel TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF rcgtplreliot.



      i_sub_recn = ls_data-recn

      i_flg_source_view = 'X'


      e_reliot_tab = lt_rel.

      You find inherited substance recn in column RECNROOT_DEST of lt_rel.

      ADDITION: the function (and cg02 as well) gives you only the direct child or parent. If you want the complete tree of inheritance, the function has to be called recursively, where the recursion depth is giving you the inheritance distance of two substances.

      Thanks to everybody for their support!