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Jan 09, 2013 at 11:36 PM

Disabling provisioning


I just want to validate the proper way to disable provisioning. Here is my scenario (IDM Version 7.2 using Standard SAP Business Suite Provisioning Jobs)

I have done initial load jobs from various SAP ABAP systems. This has brought in direct assignment of Privileges to user master records. Subsequently, I have created business roles including Privileges in the IDM system and assigned them to . Now I want to "clean-up" users by removing the Privileges from these users so that they only remain in the valid Business Roles instead of manually assigned (by the initial load jobs) to Users. During this cleanup mode, I don't want to provision any of the users to the target system as it is kind of a waste AND some of the privileges I will be removing are the PRIV:SYSTEM privileges that are directly assigned to the user instead of via the Business Role(s) that have them and I don't really want the users to be deleted from the target system.

That's the setup. Now here's what I THINK I need to do based on my research to disable the Provisioning from pushing the users to the target systems/clients.

  1. On the policy tab of the Dispatcher, unclick the Run Provisioning Jobs checkbox(es)
  2. Right click the entire "Provisioning Framework" folder (including CORE and CONNECTORS) and choose "Disable SubTree" from the Context Menu
  3. Do my cleanup (and nothing should be provisioned)
  4. Reenable the "Provisioning Framework" folder (basically choose Enable SubTree instead of Disable Subtree) for the "Provisioning Framework" folder
  5. Check the Run Provisioning Jobs checkbox(es) on the Policy tab of the Dispatcher

Does this sound right and reasonable? Am I missing anything? Do I really have to do BOTH of these things or is there a better way to do this? Any input would be appreciated.