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Jan 05, 2017 at 04:27 PM

Country Chart of Accounts - Implementation in Productive System


Hi All,

I have seen several threads regarding my issue, but as far I have not see a resolution.


I need to implement a country chart of accounts in a productive system - i.e.: most accounts already have entries.

I could insert the alternate number as a free text (without an official Country CoA assigned to the Company code) but (a) I want to maintain control over the available account numbers and their assignment and (b) this would mean that BSEG would be updated with this "free text" account number for only those entries going forward.

[as an aside, the intention would be to then assign the Country CoA in customising and officially maintain the Country GL Account in its chart of accounts, as well as assign it to the Operational GL account(s) - changing the Message control for FH022 to warning to allow multiple Operational Accounts to single Country Accounts]

However, the problem remains - BSEG would not be complete. It is not possible to "repost" the entries in and out of the accounts as suggested elsewhere as I have an Industry Solution in place that would pose numerous very challenging obstacles). In addition, since government legislation is prone to changes, there is a high likelihood that the assignment could change -- and that the new assignment must hold true for reporting of past and future entries.. here the fact that BSEG is updated with the alternate account poses further errors (even if it is possible to "jimmy" the alternative account assignment in the GL Account)


  1. Has anyone accomplished this before?
  2. What purpose does LOKKT serve in BSEG if ALTKT is assigned in SKB1 (remembering that in standard ALTKT in SKB1 cannot be changed once entries are posted)
  3. Is there a way to "turn off" the update of BSEG with the alternative Account?
  4. OR is there a way to retrospectively update BSEG - to be used as part of the go-live of the Country Chart of Accounts and again whenever government requirements change.

Reeaaallly hoping someone has good news for me :-)