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Jan 09, 2013 at 06:02 AM

Seeburger BIC Mapping Error in PI Runtime Workbench


Hi All,

I have created a new BIC mapping in BIC mapping designer tool for converting 940(EDI transaction) XML data to 940 X12 data(XML to EDI).

Followed below steps in the creation of 940 BIC mapping:

1)Imported source and target messages(XML and ANSIX12) for 940 data in the new project

2)Created mapping with the name See_X2E_ANSIX12_940_V4010 and have done one-to-one mapping

3)After creating the map, saved it, compiled it to test system and tested the conversion which ran successfully without errors.

4)After completion of testing, i have clicked on compile to production system option and created a deploy file for this new project, which created a .sda file.

5)I provided this .sda file to BASIS team to install it on the PI server.

Please advise me if additional steps need to be performed(apart from the above) in order to complete the BIC mapping.

Basis Team had installed the .sda file successfully in the PI server. Now the issue is, when we are triggering messages, all of those messages are failing in Runtime Workbench of PI with the following error details:

SEEBURGER BICXIADAPTER.MODULE Message entered Module (CallBicXIRaBean) and will be passed to the adapter now.

SEEBURGER BICXIADAPTER +++ starting conversion with mapping: See_X2E_ANSIX12_940_V4010 +++

SEEBURGER BICXIADAPTER --- CONVERSION ERROR ---2 errors occured. First error: BICMapping: runMapping() FATAL ERROR: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: See_X2E_ANSIX12_940_V4010 Stacktrace: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: See_X2E_ANSIX12_940_V4010 at com.seeburger.jucon.MessagePool.getMappingClassName( at com.seeburger.jucon.MessagePool.loadMapping( at com.seeburger.jucon.seebicapi.BICMapping.runMapping( at

BICMapping runMapping() The mapping: See_X2E_ANSIX12_940_V4010 you are trying to load cannot be found in the classpath! Maybe you forgot to deploy the mapping! DESCRIPTION: BICMapping Error: The mapping [not specified] you are trying to load cannot be found in the right path! Maybe you forgot to compile or to activate the mapping! .

Note: Used CallBicXIRaBean module in the communication channel and provided the mapping name in the module parameters

Please provide me a solution for this issue.