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Jan 09, 2013 at 04:49 AM

Fonts appearing different in PRD



We have an interesting issue. We have few smartforms using custom fonts(Calibri). These custom fonts were available in DEV and Q but not in PRD so we transported the custom fonts to PRD. Till Q system, the output shows in our custom font but in PRD the output doesn't show in custom font. We ran RSTXDELL but did not see any change. While debugging the smartform directly in PRD (tcode smartforms-->our form name-->F8-->SE37 appears-->put mandatory values-->debug) we noticed one thing, the internal table 'FONTS' which system fills with available fonts - has very few entries, around 3 rows and the family showing is COURIER. For same smartform if we debug in DEV system the internal table 'FONTS' shows up many entries and family shows up custom family same name as font name.

Please suggest what we are missing in PRD.

NOTE: we compared LOCL printer in SPAD in both systems, both look same, same print control entries (99 rows with same entries).

we transported font through SE73, in the transport we can see one entry under 'Table of contents' as some name TF01 and our custom font entry is appearing under this TF01.

Your replies are greatly appreciated.