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Aug 03, 2005 at 06:04 PM

Column Specific Query Jumps..?



We do have 2 columns , <b>A1</b> and <b>A2</b> in our Cube Report driven by Material.

And we do have 2 detail level query jumps <b>A11</b> & <b>A22</b> which will give the ODS Document level details.

When the users trying to jump from Column <b>A2</b> to detail <b>A22</b> , its showing the <b>A11</b> query also in "Go To" Tab.

<u><i><i>Our users dont want to see the <b>A11</b> Query jump from <b>A2</b> column since its confusing for business users.</i></i></u>

Shall some experts please advice to show details queries <b>A11</b> for <b>A1</b> and <b>A22</b> for <b>A2</b> which are specific meaningful columns.

We want this done by BEx RRI jumps since there are some options available in Web Application Template level using Java Script , that could be difficult to pass the values to sub queries. am not sure. have to test.

As per my understanding RRI jumps are driven by Queries and Rows , we want them with columns combination.

Is there any chance..?


Martin Mouli