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Jan 08, 2013 at 05:47 PM

need to append row with particular field



I have text file . here in first row 5000 and 6000 is qty this in a row can have maximum 52 qty fieldss..

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,02/28/2013, 5000,6000..... N

1501245,CUST12345,Y407384,1033,VSF,00,X,D,01/09/2013, 7000,8000.... N

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,01/08/2013, 9000,6000......n

1501245,CUST12345,Y407384,1033,VSF,00,X,D,01/08/2013, 5000,6000......n

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,01/08/2013, 5000,6000......n

1501245,CUST12345,Y407384,1033,VSF,00,X,D,01/08/2013, 5000,6000.......n

my req is to display frst row like hw many qty fields r there it should append as many times and dipsly in my zcustom table

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,02/28/2013, 5000 '''''this is frst row with 5000 qty

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,02/28/2013, 6000 "" this is first row with 6000 qty likke wise all other row should come

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,02/28/2013, upto N

now 2nd records

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,02/28/2013, 7000

1501245,CUST12345,Y407383,1033,VSF,00,X,M,02/28/2013 ,8000

please send sample code to do this. and i need to update then all in ztable

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