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Jan 08, 2013 at 03:55 PM

Controlling/Rolling Forward Dynamic Multi-Tab Reports BPC 10.0 MS



We are currently live in BPC 10.0 MS, and I'm trying to find a way to control parameter selections of multi-tab Excel workbooks. Our reporting is built with the business requirement of one department(entity dimension) on one single tab. (50 departments = 50 tabs in one single workbook) We have the account dimension in the row axis with time and category in the column axis. My problem is that when I want to roll-forward from say Q1 to Q2, I have multiple maintenance points on each tab. (very manual process) Does anyone know how to link parameter selections across tabs? In my example we would have one "landing page" or tab that would allow you to make a global change selection for time and category that would flow across 50 tabs. This would eliminate literally thousands of mouse clicks.

I've seen this work in cell-based reporting. It basically works like a simple native Excel link from one tab to the next. but I'm having trouble accomplishing this with the dynamic reporting of BPC 10. In a perfect world we would simply share the column axis across tabs, but I don't think this functionality exists.

Anyone experiencing this? Any ideas?


Jason Cobb

BPC 10.0 8

EPM 12.2