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Aug 03, 2005 at 04:12 PM

Mapping Record structure to IDOC (mapping fundamentals)



how and WHAT should i map? Because all the time the test in Integration Builder works fine, but at runtime i got an exception during mapping (i dont know why).

Left Side (Message Type)           Right Side (IDOC)
CMA_MSGTYP1      1..1              OILBLM.SAVE...   1..1
  RECORD         1..1                IDOC           1..1
    CONTROL      1..1                  EDI_DC40     1..1
    SEGMENT      0..unbounded          E1BPP...     0..999

SEGMENT contains all values for the corresponding IDOC segment E1BPP..

The attributes BEGIN for IDOC and SEGMENT for EDI_DC40 are set to "1" with the constant function.

Do i really need to map EDI_DC40?

Do i need to map CMA_MSGTYP1, RECORD and CONTROL?