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Former Member
Jan 08, 2013 at 05:12 AM

Regarding sodexo exemption


Hi experts,

This issuse regarding sodexo exemption part,i have maintained configuration in the following tables
1)wagetype model:v_t539a

2)tax code :v_t7int7

3)taxability of wage types v_t7int9(maintained 15000 exmp)

4)reimbursement of allowance perks:v_t7ina9.(allowed amount flag)

The main issuse is everthing is working well when we maintain 14 & 582 infotype for all employees ,but issuses arises when employee is separated he is getting the exemption part with out maintaing any 14 & 582 IT.

we maintained 3 wage types

like A -wage type showing in payscale structure 8 IT

B- wage type showing in 14 IT (deduction part)

C- wage type showing in 582 IT exemptions)

please exeprts tell me where i did mistake ,this is very urgent issuse.

Thanks In advance.