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Jan 07, 2013 at 06:05 PM

Total weight (packaging+Item) in VL06O


Dear SAP team,

I'm new on your community and in SAP as well. Here is the thing, if you can light me up

In our subsidiary, we just changed our transport supplier and this latter asks us to provide him the list of all the delivery with their total weight (shipment packaging + item)

So far, to ship a product we use VL02N and then at the packing moment we create an handling unit which is standard to all the sub. In that case, as we need to provide him the total weight, I ve been thinking about creating the 5 packaging that we use physically and add them their gross weight in the Master Data.

In that way, at the packing moment, we will be able to choose between pack-box1, pack_box2.....

The aim is to have in VL06O all the customer information + the total weight.

The issue is that in VL06O, I have the field "total weight" but that one shows only the total item gross weight and not with the packaging.

I found a transaction named HUMO which manages the Handling unit. This transaction shows me the total weight as expected but per Handling unit number and per outbound delivery . I don't have the information of the customer available in VL06O

So I have to cross various excel file to get the report done but it is time consuming

So my question is : it should have a way to have in VL06O, the total weight (packaging + Item)

Thanks very much in advance for your help.