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Jan 07, 2013 at 05:16 PM

Regarding third Party Sales scenario


Hi Friends,

We have a problem regarding third party sales.

The process that we follow for third party sales is a standard one in which we create the Sales Order - PR - PO - GR (optional) - IR and the sales invoice.Initially in our Business a material may be manufactured internally or the same material can be procured from outside. Hence the item category group of the material has been maintained as BANS so that the system determines TAS as the Item Category in the sales order while it can also be changed to TAN if and when required.

When we create the Third Party sales order and enter the material the system automatically determines TAS. Recently however business has decided that material procured from outside will never be manufactured inside and viceversa. This means that the item category of a material which was both procured from outside and manufactured internally was being changed manually in the sales order is to be stopped. Now since there are large number of users involved the training that was imparted to the users regarding the change in the item category not to be done was not carried out properly. Because of this reason many users were still changing the item category from TAS to TAN and the other way round frequently.

Now to overcome this issue a user exit was (even though a simple configuration change would have sufficed) used based on the following criteria:

When the Sales Order Type: OR

Item Category group : BANS

The item Category will always be : TAS


When the Sales Order Type: OR

Item Category group : NORM

The item Category will always be : TAN

This means that if a user as a habit changes the item category manually in the sales order from TAS to TAN , the item category will come back to TAS and viceversa. This is working fine however when a user tries to create a Invoice for these materials ( for which the user has tried to change the item category manually in the sales order from TAS to TAN or viceversa) the system throws an error which states that " No open Quantity exists for billing"

Can you please help me out on this issue as to why this error is coming.


J Nagesh.