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Aug 03, 2005 at 12:53 PM

File adapter can be improved.


The configuration parameters of the file adapter can be much more dynamic to atleast incorporate commonly used variants instead of writing additional modules.

Iam just listing down some of the points which might be used commonly and we have to follow adhoc process to incorporating the same.

1.Regular Path Expression search for picking up files in sender adapter.

2.Suppression of file content(Certain nodes should not be written) if required in the receiver file adapter.

3.Some times we might need to change FTP passwords though we set FTP password to unexpired which will end up changing all file adapters configured.

4.We might need to point the different FTP servers at later point of time and then we need to end up changing the configuration as just changing the SLD entry would not help.

It would be good if these type of parameters can reside in a central storage like an SAP Table in ABAP stack where the changes can be reflected globally .It is much more better if we have a transaction in SAP where we can select the list of file adapters and apply the set of common properties to those group.Being a SAP FAN ,expect this kind of functionality in the upcoming releases of XI.