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Jan 07, 2013 at 09:49 AM

Payment order clearing with EBS in SAP


Hi All,

I am little confused with Payment order clearing with EBS. Actually the process is as below.

1. We create an invoice for Vendor - FB60 / MIRO

2. We make the payment through F110, which creates a payment order but this will not post the payment document. Here, the payment order will be generated for payment ref.

We should clear that Invoice by uploading the EBS.

I have created a posting rule as below

Posting rule Z092

Posting Area 1

Debit side

Posting key 25

Acc Symbol (Debit) - Blank

Credit side

Posting key 50

Acc Symbol (Credit) - Main Bank Account

Document type - KZ

Posting type - 1

Assigned Ext. Trans. Type to posting rule as below

Ext. Trans. Type 702 + Posting rule Z092 Interpretation Alog - 29

The below is the error i am getting while uploading the EBS stmt in FF_5

I am getting the error saying "Error: (F5 104) Vendor * is not defined in company code XXXX".

The Accounting entry should be

Dr Vendor A/C

Cr Main Bank A/C

Kindly suggest