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Aug 03, 2005 at 12:32 PM

x_cons reports "The database state is OFFLINE"


Subj: online database is reported to be OFFLINE by x_cons

Any advice on what to do about this? Thanks! So far the

experience with using MaxDB has been very good. I am starting to do some performance tuning now and I wanted to get a snapshot of x_cons output.

Sorry if this is a known problem - I did get a google hit

that said the workaround is to run x_cons as the same user - I tried that and I still get the following:

ps listing of kernel -

sdb 16538 16536 0 17:43:05 ? 0:09 /opt/sdb/7500/pgm/kernel IGEN

Then, running x_cons gets the follwing:

$ x_cons igen show all


The database state is OFFLINE

System: Sparc/Solaris 10

KERNELVERSION KERNEL 7.5.0 BUILD 026-123-094-430