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Aug 03, 2005 at 11:12 AM

Weird problem with STS data locking


Hi all,

I have a weird problem with data locking in STS. I have set up several subplans for a planning area, and customized the hierarchies involved for each subplan.

Each of the subplans has only one planning session.

The system will be used for budget planning, and business requirements are that planning for the first subplan will set the pricing increments for the next year, at product level, for all sales offices. This is done by a Commercial Mgr. only. The second subplan will be for setting the sales targets for each of the sales offices, in a bottom-up scenario, and it will be done by each of the sales offices responsibles, with approval of the Comm. Mgr.

At the STS customizing, I have set the Header Characteristics to be equal to those of the Layout. These are Sales Org., Currency, Unit, Fisc. Variant. I cannot tell you why these characteristics are used in the header, as this is an existing implementation I am migrating to Web Interfaces + STS.

It is also important to note that, even though I should be able to use variables in the "Define Header Char. for Planning Session", the button is grayed out and It cannot be done.

So, when I test for locking with the first of the subplans (this one is a Top Down session), It does work as expected. So It looks as I have correctly followed the guidelines explained in Note 530285...

But then, If I keep the first subplan as finished and released, as would be the case when working with the system in production, and then I try to access the second subplan's web interface, the system will tell me there is a lock for the first subplan and I cannot access the data. Moreover, this error is only shown when the user accesing the web interface is the Commercial Manager. If a Sales Office's Manager acceses the layout, everything works fine. Just to clarify a bit more, the layout is the same one for both users, and it has the sales offices as a key field, meaning that a S.O. Manager views data only for his office, and the Comm. Mgr views them all at the layout (this is being controlled via a Variable with Authorization substitution class)

I am probably misunderstanding Note 530285, or forgetting something. Maybe it is that the characteristics selected are blocking the whole planning area, but at this point, I am not sure of what to do.

Could you please assist me on this one?

Thanks in advance,


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