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Jan 05, 2013 at 09:36 AM

Livecache LCA connecting issue


hi, expert ,

this issue happened after i initialized the Livecache and restore it back to fix a GATP running issue

but the bad news is this issue come out and that issue not fixed yet 😔

The detailed information as below

Plz help if you can

thanks so much


General Connection Data

Connection Name....: LCA

Database Name......: LC2

Database Server....: localhost

tp Profiles........: no_longer_used

DBM User...........: SUPERDBA

Test Scope

1. Execute an external operating system command (DBMCLI)

2. Determine status using TCP/IP connection SAPDB_DBM (DBMRFC command mode)

3. Determine status using TCP/IP connection SAPDB_DBM_DAEMON (DBMRFC session mode)

4. Test the SQL connection (Native SQL at CON_NAME)

Application Server: sapscm_AP1_00 ( Windows NT )

1. Connect. test with "dbmcli db_state" Successful

2. Connect. test with command mode "dbmrfc db_state" Successful

3. Connect. test with session mode "dbmrfc db_state" Successful

4. Connect. test with "native SQL" ( LCA ) No connection

SQL Code: 10709

Connection failed (RTE:[2] too many database sessions active

For detailed information, see the developer trace for work process: 4