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Jan 05, 2017 at 03:24 PM

HRMSS_A_CATS_APPR - How to show Complete timesheet status during holiday weeks?


Hello experts,

This post is for those using the MSS - Time Recording application to approve time sheets. Currently, we have hourly associates that submit their weekly time sheets to their managers every week. In MSS, under the Time Recording window, it shows the status of those time sheets as No Timesheet Submitted, Incomplete Timesheet, To be Approved, and Completely Approved.

During work weeks that have a scheduled holiday, most of these employees do not work the holiday, thus are not required to enter anything on the holiday. This means that most employees submit a 32 hour (4 day) time sheet, instead of a typical 40 hr (5 day) time sheet. The system is aware that there is a scheduled holiday, but still shows an incomplete time sheet to the managers.

Is there a way for this application to recognize there is a scheduled holiday during the week and only show "To be Approved" instead of "Incomplete Timesheet"?