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DXC w/ Sidecar vs. BW on HANA

I'm traditional BW consultant trying to understand HANA technologies. My question is specifically concerned regarding separate ECC and separate BW on HANA installations....

I read about DXC w/ sidecar approach where we can use separate BW box to route datasource data to HANA. This is also possible with BW on HANA where BW on HANA data source activation queue gets redirected to In memory DSO.

How is this different than just having regular data sources in BW on HANA and then load data from data sources to In memory DSOs? I don't think there's any performance increase while loading data with DXC into BW on HANA.....So why take so much pain configuring DXC if you already have BW on HANA with established ALE IDOC connections between ECC and BW....

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4 Answers

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    Jan 16, 2013 at 10:41 AM


    I'm not too sure why you see configuring DXC as painful - I experienced it rather straight forward even when it was really new.

    Key for DXC is to be able to leverage the already present BW extractors even if you don't use BW on HANA (e.g. when doing a side-car approach).

    Maybe you don't want to replicate all your operational data into HANA and then build models on top of it just to mimic the application logic, that has already been implemented years ago in the extractors.

    That's where DXC provides an option to just read from the extractor interface.

    Nobody says: "Go and use DXC, no matter what!"

    It's just a feature that has it's use cases and you can choose whether it fits.

    - Lars

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    Jan 18, 2013 at 10:35 PM

    Thanks Rama for more info.

    With BW in existence for so many years; I believe most fortune 1000 companies (and other big customers); who have implemented ECC..most likely have implemented BW too....At those customers, moving BW on HANA (migrating DSOs, cubes), with existing setup of extractors will make more sense; than venturing into DXC. Most established SAP shops will most likely have ECC -> BW setup.

    DXC should be useful if HANA is stand alone or no BW at all.

    For new extractors also, continuing existing ALE/IDOC methods, putting data into in-memory-DSO and may be directly reporting off it; could be meaningful.

    Correct me if i'm wrong.


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    • Former Member Ravindra Channe

      HI Abhijeet,

      I agree Ravindhra Comments, But what I have in mind that having with Platform edition, we can have both ECC on HANA as well BW powered by HANA by doing BW technical upgrade to 7.3 (BW on HANA), hope it would be meaningful since still there are most of the companies keeping ECC as well BW as a seperate box for different this scenario, the customer who has already spent for platform edition can go with this two options(here ECC can connect HANA with BODS as platform edition).  please confirm.

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    Jan 15, 2013 at 06:09 PM

    Any BW on HANA experts?? This is fundamental one..

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  • Jan 18, 2013 at 10:18 PM

    Configuring DXC is not a pain. If you have DXC configured, you do not need a separate BW instance. DXC runs within the ECC instance. DXC in short is a 

    data extraction interface that  enables SAP ECC data extraction on near real-time basis using SAP BW extractors (aka data sources or business content extractors ) available within SAP ECC without the need for SLT or Data Services directly into SAP HANA. A standalone BW system is not required



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