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Jan 04, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Calling from ABAP to non-SAP application, returning a result


I'd like to write a simple batch SAP job that loops through some table entries, passes a few fields of information to an external, non-SAP application, which returns a value to be used in further ABAP processing.

I think Synchronous RFC is the answer. In reading SAP Help, setting up the Destination and making the call does not look too difficult. However, I'd like to find some more 'complete" sample code that shows an example of the called program. I'm not sure what type of programs can be called. For instance, can the called program be VB Script?

More details: The information I need is in our document management system. I'd like to pass values (obtained from SAP documents/table) to the DMS, have it perform a search and return an image ID number. Once I have the image ID number, I will populate SAP table TOA01 and create an ArchiveLink (attachment) from the SAP document to the image stored in the non-SAP system.

Over in the DMS, I have an object model to help me write the code to perform the search. I think my options for programming that external program are VB Script, Java and C# (and I'm not proficient in any of them). Thus far, I have not been able to find any examples of calling those types of programs from SAP.

I wonder if the SAP BC415 training class covers this. If so, I might try to get into that (or hook up with someone who has taken it).

Thank you for any suggestions.