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Former Member
Aug 03, 2005 at 06:58 AM

SELECT..... Statement not working after SP11 upgrade


Hi ,

In a program 2 SELECT statements are written , one is working and other is not after SP11 upgrade...

Following statement is working ( Returns a record ) ....

select single *

into ls_mara

from mara

where matnr = <b>gs_mm_rec-material</b>.

And following statment is not working ....

select *

from mara

appending table itab_mara

where matnr = <b>lw_matnr</b>

and lvorm <> 'X'.

<b>Note : Material is with lvorm <> 'X' in MARA , means it is satisfying the condition and material is same in both where condition</b> .

The exact scenario is ... A program is written which take the material from flat file and creates the material and then creates BOM using that material ( which is created in the same program just now ) as component.While debugging we can see that material is present in table MARA( through SE16 )but the second select statement doesn't return any record. Please help. Thanks in advance .


Nand Kishor