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Jan 03, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Problem with sub reports


I have my main report and i have a sub report:

My main data base looks like this:

Cable ID
Cable 1 Cable 2 Cable 3

I just have it display in CR in table form so it pretty much looks like it does in access. I have no parameter fields or any thing like that just want a raw data dump

Now the access data base has another table that contains the Route of the cable. Lets call it Route table.

Some one made a sub report to get the route of the cable that looks like this: (see attached Subreport design.JPEG)

The problem the person that made this had it set up so i can only enter a parameter lets say "Cable 1" and i get the information for cable one and the sub report pulls the route. So in the end i have CABLE 1 and then its route. But i want it to display all the cables and each corresponding route.

I just want a raw data dump of each cable and the route.

Some thing like the table shown below:

Cable ID
Route Cable 1 Raceway 1 Raceway X Raceway y

Cable 2 Raceway 2

Cable 3 Raceway 3

Now from CR i did a raw data dump of the Route table (see attached Route table.jpg)

The SEQ field says how many routes it goes though but for some reason only displays the last route of the cable.

Can any one help me get my final product of Cable ID and Route in table format.

Do i need to link anything?

Thanks in advance.