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Jan 03, 2013 at 01:52 PM

How to simulate Back Button Functionality in Dashboard Design by avoiding same destination of multiple components



We are creating Dashboards with ability to drill down to another dashboard page by clicking on the Bar of a Bar Graph. The main page and Drill page component are part of the same xlf file.

When the user clicks on a Bar of the Bar Graph, the user is given the illusion of navigating to a new page by showing the Drill components of the page which become visible on top of Main page component thereby hiding the main page component. We also display a Back Button on Top Right corner of the page which gets visible when the user clicks on the Bar to drill. This gives the user the illusion of navigating to a Drill page.

When the user clicks on a Bar, the value of the Bar is inserted into a cell lets say A1. The Back Button also has its destination set to cell A1 and inserts a 1 in it when clicked on.

We base the visibility of our Drill components and the Back Button on whether the cell A1 has 1 or any value other than 1. If its 1, all drill components and Back Button are hidden. If its any value other than 1, then we show all the Drill components and the Back Button.

The problem with this approach is that we are using same destination for capturing value of the Bar which has been clicked and the destination of the Back Button but as per a Known Issue in SP05 Release Note there could be some inconsistent behavior at times when same destination is used for multiple components. Given below is the exact text of the Known Issue from Release Note :-

Multiple components inserting data into the same destination may cause inconsistent behavior.


"It is recommended to avoid configuring multiple components to insert to the same destination since the

insertion behavior may be inconsistent.

Insertion behavior on desktop may be different than on mobile devices."

We wanted to know if there is any other way of achieving the Drill and Back Button functionality in Xcelsius without having same cell destination of multiple components?

This is a critical issue for us and any help would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Looking forward to some helpful responses. Let me know if any more details needed.