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Jan 02, 2013 at 04:47 PM

WEC 1.0 Cart View vs. Checkout View Taxes amount


Hi dear experts.

We are working over WEC 1.0, we noted that even for a standard shop, the behavior for the Taxes amount between the Cart View and the Checkout View is different, when the user is logged, select a product, and goes to the Cart View the Taxes amount is zero, then if the user goes to the Checkout View the Taxes amount is calculated according to the percentage configuration, just as follow.

  1. The user select a product from the catalog, please note that it is a standard shop.
  2. If the user goes to the cart view the Taxes amount isn´t displayed as the user is not logged in yet.
  3. The user goes to the checkout view, the user name and password are requested, the taxes amount is showed as zero, and however the shipping amount is already calculated.
  4. The user logs into the shop and the correct taxes amount is displayed.
  5. The user (still logged in) goes back to the cart view and the taxes amount is displayed as zero, however the shipping amount is kept.

Obviously this affect the Order Total amounts.

Why does this happen?

Is there a way to activate the Taxes calculation for the Cart View?

Any suggestion is very welcome.

Best regards.


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