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Jan 02, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Pricing Condition Value of item level after deleting not affecting at header level



In Sales Document

We have Header Condition and Item Condition

In Configuration V/06 we have header and Item checked.

When Header Condition is applied it applies to all the item condition to all material,

but there are few materials where header condition should not be applied to item condition.

We have achived this by using USER_EXIT 'USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP'

Where we are deleting item condition which is in xkomv internal table, this is reflecting in Screen as well.

But condition value is not getting changed in header condition


At Header Level

JASS : 200

JASS Needed at Item1 but not in Item 2

At Item Level

Item 1

JASS: 100

Item 2

JASS: 100

After execution of our user exit


JASS: 100


JASS is Deleted

So in Header Condition JASS should be : 100 instead of 200 which is not happening.

Please Suggest.