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Aug 02, 2005 at 03:57 PM

Creating transport package for CRM Business Package


Hi there,

I have recently installed the CRM Business Packages 60.2 onto our EP6.0 SP2 server. I have also performed quite a lot of configuration on the portal e.g. creating new roles, worksets, iviews etc.

We have now installed a new EP6 server which is running on EP6 SP12. I now need to install the CRM Business Packages 60.2 along with my work again onto the new EP server.

Anyway I have some questions below:

1) I was wondering whether I could create various 'Transport Packages' using the Transport > Export functionality under the System Administration tab. So if I create Transport packages which contains the CRM business packages, export these to the server, then on the new EP6 server import these. Is this possible or is it advisable to install the CRM business package again.

2) In addition to this say for example I could create transport packages for the CRM business package, can I also create transport packages for the new roles, iView etc I created and import these into the new EP server?

3) If say I decided to install the CRM Business Package onto the new EP server, but then I imported my work from the old EP server (i.e. new roles/worksets etc) into the new EP server, would this work. Reason I ask is because some worksets I used in my new role on the old EP server are delta links to the migrated content. If I only import my work how does it know where the delta links are pointing to?

I hope this makes sense.