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Dec 29, 2012 at 09:20 AM

Dynamic search help.


Hi expert...
am facing a problem in my program.
am having 4 fields in my screen,

i want to have dynamic search help in the first field(process code,see image) only when i click 'flag' button (i.e display<>edit ) .

actually i have written a program,but my problem is when i select value from search help,i want the value to display on all fields,currently it displaying on the 1st field only.

Am giving my code here, please help me..


PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT. MODULE status_0101. PROCESS AFTER INPUT. MODULE screen_0101. PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST. FIELD ZGEN_PRO_TAB-PRO_CODE MODULE MOD_POV. MODULE mod_pov INPUT. IF flag = 'X' AND sy-ucomm = 'FLAG'. CALL FUNCTION 'F4IF_FIELD_VALUE_REQUEST' EXPORTING tabname = 'ZGEN_PRO_TAB' fieldname = 'PRO_DESCRIPTION' searchhelp = 'ZPROCESS' TABLES return_tab = t_return1. SELECT SINGLE * FROM zgen_pro_tab INTO i_dshlp1 WHERE pro_code = t_return1-fieldval. zgen_pro_tab-pro_code = i_dshlp1-pro_code. zgen_pro_tab-pro_description = i_dshlp1-pro_description. zgen_pro_tab-pro_class_descr = i_dshlp1-pro_class_descr. zgen_pro_tab-pro_doc_class = i_dshlp1-pro_doc_class. ENDIF. ENDMODULE. " MOD_POV INPUT t_return1 contains only code value,please help.


process.PNG (14.8 kB)
Capture.PNG (65.4 kB)
Capture1.PNG (7.0 kB)